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     It's so nice not having to worry about domestic cleaning anymore. I have a pretty stressful job, so the last thing I want is to do chores when I get home, but now I can relax because I know that Watford Cleaning Company Services will come and do a super job and I can just sit back and chill.
Amy Wyatt19/05/2020
     This office cleaning team was great, Everyone works hard and is very responsive to any concerns. No problems whatsoever.
Bob A.19/09/2019
     I was so against the idea of hiring cleaners, until I tried it. Now I wouldn't know how to cope without WatfordCarpetCleaners popping over every couple of days.
Y. Days30/03/2018
     I have a pet bunny and she recently fell ill. I didn't have enough time to start cleaning the carpet so I found the cleaners from Watford Cleaning Company Services and they came through when I most needed them. My bunny is well now and I know who to come to for cleaning.
Melissa R.01/12/2015
      Carpet Cleaning Company Watford were brilliant when I hired them for an end of tenancy cleaning service. I was moving and my rental home needed a good clean and that is exactly what these guys did. They did a super fast and effective clean up at a great price and the place looked great after they had finished.
Julie Watson14/07/2015
     I always dreaded cleaning curtains. They are difficult to get into the washing machine and not all of the materials are made for machine wash. So when I heard of WatfordCarpetCleaners offering an on-spot curtain cleaning service, I was eager to try it out. I didn't bank much on it, but to my surprise they did a wonderful job. Their technique is very powerful and unique and there is no mess in the rest of the place. I am definitely going to use them again!
Mia D.18/02/2015
     I had bought some expensive rugs for my home and was happy with my purchases. However, they soon became dirty. Wanting them to remain clean but not so much that I stopped using them, I called WatfordCarpetCleaners for help. They were able to restore my rugs to their default. They remove all aspects of dirt and ensure that they are free of stains. I now hire them regularly to ensure my rugs always look their best.
Yvette Nolan18/12/2014
     As a creative person, my surroundings are often all I need to inspire me. So when I'm not on the road, my home is pretty much all I have. Thankfully, WatfordCarpetCleaners were on hand to keep my house looking its best. My home looks great, smells gorgeous and provides all of the ambiance that I need. The cleaners I hired showed up on time, were easy to talk to, and did an all-round fantastic job for a modest fee. I find them impossible to criticize - I had a perfect experience, and would recommend this service in a heartbeat!
Tristan G.21/08/2014
     As the headmaster of a comprehensive secondary school in the area, I can recommend WatfordCarpetCleaners to any company, school or educational facility in need of reliable, professional and hardworking cleaners. I have found that they are incredibly punctual, they take real pride in their work and operate professionally at all times. This includes wearing company uniform at all times and adhering strictly to school regulations. I would like to congratulate everyone at the company for a year's worth of efforts and long may it continue. If you are looking for a committed and dependable team, then look no further.
John G.30/06/2014

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